Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"New high-rises coming to downtown Fort Myers"

New high-rises coming to downtown Fort Myers”.  This reminds me of Mark Twain's quote "History does not repeat itself, but it surely rhymes;" only this time it will be a reality, and we will see a skyline in downtown Fort Myers' River District.  As reporter Ty Russell mentioned in his report, "The chain-linked gate won't be there long, and the warning sign for intruders will come down to make room for the high-rises.  That hasn't happened since 2008.”

I commend the Miami builders' vision for believing what everyone knows-our River District is a diamond in the rough. We must all show support to the River Districts' continued growth by visiting all the Art Walk, Music Walk, Mystery walks and other events downtown. Our goal is to make our River District a destination point.  New development in downtown will bring new jobs, new businesses, and new hope to an area where Edison once said, "There is only one Fort Myers," and 90 million people are going to find out."  I am now hopeful that 900 million are going to find out.

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